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Autodesk Powermill helps Eifel nurture the next generation of machinists

2018 Panel: Local activism is important in finding workers - Plastics News

To find the next generation of employees, members of a panel at the American Mold Builders conference said it's important to get involved with local middle schools, high schools and community colleges to encourage the students.

2017 Lincoln High School Unveils Enhanced CAD/CAM Program

A DMG MORI 5-axis CNC machine, valued at $250,000, was provided to Van Dyke Public Schools on a two-year, no cost lease from DMG MORI. It will enable students to hone their computer aided drafting (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) skills through the school’s career technical education program. 

2017 Partnerships work: Closing the Macomb County manufacturing skills gap​

The CAD and Manufacturing programs of Van Dyke Public Schools’ Lincoln High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program are partnering with local companies for the benefit of students and employers; the end result being highly trained student interns and graduates who are able to “step” right into positions in their local communities.

2016 CTE helps Lincoln High students land good jobs after graduation

Rick Hecker, president and CEO of Eifel Mold & Engineering in Fraser, knows how important it is to stay ahead of the game.

Mike Owen, a Lincoln High School graduate, takes a break from his job at Eifel Mold and Engineering. 

2015 Three Keys to Success at Eifel Mold & Engineering

For every decision, this toolmaker makes a point to consider the potential impact on three interrelated considerations: people, process and technology.

2015 The Trifecta of Competitive Toolmaking​

Even the most sophisticated technology can’t accomplish much if it’s not run by people who understand not only how to operate it, but how best to apply it. That’s the basic premise driving virtually all activities at injection mold manufacturer Eifel Mold & Engineering. When it comes to technology, process, and people, “you have to invest in all three to be successful,” says Richard Hecker, owner and CEO.    

2014 Gift sets Eifel Mold employee on the right path

A Harrison Township toolmaker who served in the U.S. Army donated her tool box worth over $20,000 on Wednesday to a 26-year-old veteran wounded in Afghanistan and now starting his civilian career at a machine shop in Fraser.

Are Toolmakers Ready for the Next Round?

Growing up around his father's mold-making shop, Rick Hecker remembers watching how journeyman craftsman built injection mold tooling, drawing on years of experience.


Eifel’s 3,000 Sq Ft Addition is Complete

March 2013

Eifel has just completed adding on 3,000 Sq. Ft. to their shop to house new machinery such as Deckel Maho DMU100P 5-Axis CNC Machining Center to allow further growth and opportunities!


2012 Newsletter


There have been lots of exciting things happening at Eifel this year. We purchased a new machine, added 3,000 sq. ft. to our facility, and soon, we will debut our new and improved website!


2012 Equipment Purchase


In 2012, Eifel purchased a Deckel Maho DMU100P 5-Axis CNC Machining Center. Fully Committed to Zero Stock Machining May 2012 Milling critical mold surfaces to final size (or even a “tenth” undersize) literally leaves no margin for error. This takes absolute confidence in every aspect of the machining process, as well as absolute confidence that the results are worthwhile.


Fully Committed to Zero Stock Machining

May 2012

Milling critical mold surfaces to final size (or even a “tenth” undersize) literally leaves no margin for error. This takes absolute confidence in every aspect of the machining process, as well as absolute confidence that the results are worthwhile.


2011 Newsletter


It has been a great year, and Eifel has been blessed with plenty of work to keep us busy! We are very thankful for our loyal customers and the opportunities they have provided.


2011 Equipment Purchase


In 2011, Eifel purchased a Hermle C30U 5-Axis CNC Machining Center.


2010 Newsletter


The Eifel Team and I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!!! Automotive Parts created using Delcam’s Powermill July 2010 Find out why Eifel has been a Delcam customer since 1989, using PowerMILL for 5-Axis machining to stay at the forefront of technology in the automotive industry.


2010 Equipment Purchase


In 2010, Eifel purchased a Makino Wire EDM.Modern Machine Shop “Another Angle on HSM”May 2010The savings in setup time were welcome enough, but this mold maker found that a 3+2 machining center also accelerated its use of high speed machining.


2009 Fall Newsletter

Fall 2009

Eifel Inc. has been in the mold making business since 1973 and has remained competitive for over thirty years by staying on the leading edge of technological advances in mold making.


2009 Summer Newsletter

Summer 2009

Eifel Inc. is pleased to announce it will now be able to offer 5-Axis machining services. We recently purchased a Hermle C40U 5-Axis High Speed Machining Center, which is proven to be exceptionally effective in the defense, aerospace and medical markets.


Mold Making Technology Magazine “Operations Reassessment Yields Customer Diversification, Increased Competitiveness and Improved Capabilities”

June 2009

For Eifel – a company specializing in simultaneous product development and manufacturing with a heavy emphasis on mold manufacturing resulted in the acceleration of strategic plan for growth.


CNN Money “The Auto Collapse’s Ripple Effects”

January 2009

Detroit’s turmoil is imperiling auto suppliers around the country, who now face a high-stakes challenge: diversify or die.


2008 Equipment Purchase


In 2008, Eifel purchased a Hermle C40U 5-Axis CNC Machining Center.